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What we do

THE BIO BALANCE CENTRE is Ireland’s only dedicated centre that analyses chemical abnormalities to treat disorders such as depression and anxiety with natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals. According to Dr Bill Walsh, thousands of clinically-depressed individuals have benefited from this natural treatment worldwide.

To begin, we’ll carry out a comprehensive series of blood and urine tests. From these, many nutrient and/or biochemical imbalances in your brain will be detected by our London-based partner laboratory. The results allow us to formulate a tailored programme of natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

We essentially look for biomarkers in your blood or urine that conventional medicine does not look for. Conventional medicine classifies depression as one illness, but we would see it as a group of different processes. If your blood or urine shows a particular biomarker, we will know to treat you with a tailored programme of nutrient therapy. We look, for example, at your methylation status. Methylation occurs at DNA level and affects your genes — your very core — and is an important barometer of your mental health. If we find aberrations in your methylation profile, our doctors will recommend that you take specific varieties and measures of nutrients. You will be asked to take these in the form of supplements — not as part of your diet.

For example, if your blood test comes back and points toward undermethylation, a biochemical process, we will treat with a particular type of nutrient therapy that we would not use if you were not displaying such a biochemical characteristic. This is where our comprehensive testing comes to the fore. We are happy to explain these terms to you when you attend the clinic.

After the initial consultation, when the tests are done, you will be seen again to discuss any specific treatment. That will be two weeks later, when the results are back. At that time we will discuss the condition with you further and advise you where to obtain the necessary nutrients for treatment. At no time do we advise stopping medication that you may be on from a GP or psychiatrist. What we offer is an additional approach, with extra benefits when added on to conventional therapies. While a standard SSRI (antidepressant) drug such as Prozac can treat depression in many cases, particularly well if the patient is undermethylated, it may not fare as well with overmethylation. That is where the add-on of nutrient therapy can be of benefit.