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The Bio Balance Centre is led by Dr Edmond O’Flaherty. We offer successful treatment of depression and anxiety through comprehensive blood analysis to determine chemical imbalances.

At The Bio Balance Centre, Dr.Edmond O’Flaherty and Dr. Andrew O’Flaherty  have been trained by the renowned Dr Bill Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute. We are experienced with the techniques that he uses to treat mental disorders and are able to apply them where appropriate. After completing an intricate series of tests, biochemical analysis enables us to treat depression and anxiety with natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

If you have or suspect that you may have depression or chronic anxiety, we can arrange to have your blood and urine analysed for biomarkers that point towards certain chemical imbalances. We can then treat with tailored nutrient protocols. Today those methods are used by doctors in countries as diverse as Australia, Norway, Japan and the Philippines. We are pleased to bring this successful treatment to patients in Ireland for the first time.

The goal of nutrient therapy is to use nutrients to complement the treatment already employed by the patient’s GP or psychiatrist. Targeted nutrient therapy works best as an adjunct to conventional treatment and where the compliance to both is good, the results can be very satisfactory. We do not recommend stopping your anti-depressants at any time.

We are the first clinic in Ireland to provide access to the methods of Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Carl Pfeiffer and Dr Bill Walsh in the natural treatment of depression and anxiety.These doctors pioneered the treatment of many mental disorders with nutrient therapy. Between them, they saw thousands of patients and helped large numbers relieve their suffering.

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What our clients say

Just checking in to see what to do next nutrient wise. I am taking all the nutrients and they are working a treat.


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