Vaping Electronic Cigarettes with E-Liquids for Better Health

e-cigarette vaping

e-cigarette vaping

e-cigarette Atomisers and Clearomizers come with a 21-day guarantee all of our ego batteries are covered for 21 days, in the event that a clearomizer or atomiser or your ego battery break or fail for no reason then we shall gladly replace that part. Simply return the broken battery or atomiser or clearomizer to us at 2 & 3 Railway Shops Peel Road, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 4LW with proof of purchase date and we will send you a brand one. Products are not guaranteed if they have been tapered with or if they have broken by being dropped or smashed. I am sure any customer can understand this and we generally want to offer all customers the best service at all times.

E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid are you Sceptical!!

So you have heard about e-cigarettes and heard different opinions, some people have said they are a load of rubbish do not waste your money others have stated that a friend loves their electronic cigarette and would never go back to normal cigarettes.  You have decided that you want to try your very own electronic cigarette but you are a bit sceptical and do not want to waste the best part of £45 if you do not like it. First of all, not all electronic cigarettes are the same, there are disposable e-cigarettes these are possibly the ones you have seen that look like a fake cigarette. There are slim electronic cigarettes to large lava tubes, you can also get electronic pipes and cigars. Some e-cigarettes have cartomizers there are also clearomizers and cartridges with atomisers. These are basically the parts that have the e-liquid and the heater element inside, they work like an electric kettle you pour the liquid inside when you press the button on the battery the coil in the atomiser heats up and turns the liquid into a vapour which you inhale. Not all cartomizers, clearomizers and cartridges with atomisers are the same you really have to find the right one for you, I personally believe any smoker can switch to electronic cigarettes with hardly any willpower, you simply have to find the right electronic cigarette that suits you. Furthermore, you also need right e-liquids, there are hundreds of different flavours and they have different nicotine strengths.

To learn more about cartomizers, clearomizers and cartridges with atomisers please go to the Atomizer page on the left hand side, then visit the e-liquid page hopefully the information given here will help you find the right combination for you.

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A Few Health Tips to Keep Your Body in Balance and Happy

Our procedure involves an in-depth questionnaire, the testing of blood and urine samples and two consultations with one of our doctors. From these, many nutrient and/or biochemical imbalances in your brain can be detected.

Essentially, we analyse the biomarkers of depression disorders and anxiety; biomarkers that are in some cases overlooked by mainstream medicine and psychiatry. Clinical experience has shown that these biomarkers can potentially indicate whether or not you are predisposed to certain mental conditions. If you are, by adding specific varieties and measures of natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals, success often follows.